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Love the website, it has brought a smile to my face!

 I grew up on the west side of Nutley near the Bloomfield border and lived their from the 50's through  the 80's.

 1)I remember walking the pipeline down to church street to get to junior high and high school: I also remember when the junior high was actually the old high school.

 2) I do remember the creaky wooden floor at Gantner's Hardware .. and Mr Gantner helping you find everything.

 3) Buying a dozen hard rolls at  Kucinski's bakery on Sunday...the best hard rolls in the area IMHO

 4) Walking to the center  for a visit to Drew's hobby shop to run the slotcars.

 5) Taking the 13 Broad to Newark, to clothes shop for school at Bamberger's Hahne's and S Klein's.  School supplies came from Peerless.

6) I remember walking to Rizzuto Berra's Bowling alley when it opened in Styretowne and getting Phil Rizzuto's and Gil McDougall's autographs.

 7)Drinking Awful Awfuls at Bond's..did they fill you up!

 8) I STILL have to stop by Rutt's Hutt for a couple of rippers with their famous relish, a cup of all meat chili and a side of onion rings.  Some things just don't change.

 9)I remember switching from Lincoln School (Mrs Kelly)  to the brand new Radcliffe School (Mrs Woodruff) and yes you didn't ask to go to bathroom went to court! made perfect sense at the time!

 10) I remember the rec basketball games on saturday morning at the Radcliffe gym and the carom boards set out  on the playground for the summer program.  I remember lining up for the new polio vaccine and the tine tests in the School Gym.

 11)Saturday football games at the Park Oval; Regularly beating up on Passaic, East Side Newark and Bellville and the inevitable loss(es)  to Montclair and/or  East Orange.  Late morning Thanksgiving games against Kearny.

 12) The Beck's tv repairman visiting the house regularly to keep the old Admiral TV going.

 13) My mom dropping off the old Plymouth at Johnny's Sunoco on Bloomfield Ave and Johnny somehow fixing it again.

 14) I remember Ideal Dairy delivering milk onto the porch where it sometimes froze in the winter.  Mr Duggan and Tony's Ice cream truck were regulars in our area.

 15) Chasing behind the mosquito spray truck at dusk ( we must have cut 20 yrs off our lives) on hot summer days.

 16) Speaking of mosquitoes, does anyone remember Clark's Pond?  ( drained when the GSP came through)

 17) Playing football under the high tension wires on Ohlson Ave and playing basketball with a basketball hoop and backboard nailed to the telephone pole which PSE and G periodically removed, and we would promptly put back up.

 18) Ralph's had the best thin crust pizza in town, but I liked Santini's as well when they moved into Nutley on Franklin Ave.

 19) I can still remember the smell of fresh ground coffee at the old A&P on Franklin Ave where my Mom grocery shopped before it moved to Harrison St.

 20)I remember the Sweet Shoppe near the corner of Center St and Prospect, where you got fountain sodas for a dime, but the special flavor of the week was a nickel.  The penny candy was actually a penny or 2 cents.  They also had the full compliment of comic books we just had to have.

 21) I remember the Saturday Matinee double features at the Franklin Theatre where they would have cartoons in the intermission. 

 22) Getting haircuts at Mario's on Center St and Bloomfield Ave on saturday morning, waiting for Mario because he gave the best haircuts.

 Enough memories for now! thanks for the opportunity.


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I'm making a memory trip back to the Nutley area next week and would like to ask John Ryan if Nunzio's Music Store is still there-- and where.  I took many years of accordion lessons there in the 50's and 60's.  (Pain!).


Sue in Ohio

July 2008

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What an awsome site......thanks Anthony  !!!

First who Iam......Jeff Bell...Igrew up on centre st between prospect and woodland

a block loaded with kids......reading all 8 pages of memories brought back great memories of my own

here are a few.....maybe someone out there remembers doing some of these things with me  !!!

playing baseball every day in the summer up at boy's park (then being chased by the cops

for climbing on old rec house in lower boys was on the way home....what were

we supposed to do  ??? )

huge snow storms ....shoveling snow for money.....and spending it on hot chocolate at

jacqomins .....(if you were nice mrs.J would put wipped cream on top)

sleigh riding at blairs nurs. and trying to avoid the trees  !!!

playing in the Central L/L for the best coach ever Bob Schallis  ....Go Amvets

The slot car track place which became the Pork store

Drews hobbie shop

Cardinial Lanes fire (gettin chased by cops lookin for souv.)

summer rec. in booth park....buying my carrom stick at Gantners(I remember the squeek too !!)

fishing at the Mud at ITT.....street hockey (Nutley Flyers)behind radcliff sch.

my first official rock band w/ Karl delpiano and Scott Umpstadter

gettin caught climbing on lincoln school roof by miss kostyra and havin to go to mr D's office

( I can still smell the pipe tobacco smoke.....RUN !!!)

No one mentioned the old barn on Hopper ave.  ,  lincoln school kids were warned to

stay away from

the gray slate sidewalks near St. Pauls church

Ralphs pizza , The Town and country , French Fry Sandwiches from the chicken market

Mr Subs, Dairy Queen , Ernies deli (now roths) where you always got a free pretzel stick

the pizza inn , Rutts , Red Chiminey , Pete's deli , The Candy Corner

I was stopped at the light at the corner of harrison and franklin when WNEW announced

John Lennon had been shot

the train tressel over Park ave. that read for years THE BOYS (I was one of the boys)

the Franklin Theater, watching fast pitch softball as a kid at nichols park( I remember that metal

fountain too...remember the rusty taste  ??? )

finally being old enough to be able to jump from the walk to the old fountain that

never worked near the mud hole

begging the guys at Journeys sunoco to please patch my bike tire

buying my first parts from sally's auto parts

gettin my hair cut by ROY at park barbers sittin in the pony chair

the 1976 nutley vs east orange soccer game , being in the game , when a riot broke out

Ducks...The Old Canal....the Onyx Room

I'll add more as they come to me

                                                   thanks for posting them.............Jeff

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F. Coch

Things I recall about “Old Nutley”...

....Tony’s Pizzeria on Franklin Ave.

...Radcliffe School the first day it opened

...Del’s Deli, corner of Bloomfield & Centre St.

...Kalo’s Barber Shop, Bloomfield Ave.

...Margaret Field when it was still an open “field”

...Six years in the high school building and never going to a class in Franklin School because the Class of ’63 was caught in the change of buildings.   

...the prom in the high school gym.

...Ben Hawkins racing A. Swenticki from South River H.S. in the 100 yard dash in Boys’ Park in 1961 on a dare (he lost).

...Nutley-Montclair football games.

...Summer rec softball games at each school and park.

...First year of midget football in 1958.  Lardier Drugs, Bank of Nutley, Zinacola and Orechio teams.

...The Onyx Room on Centre St.

...”Ma” De Sordi’s luncheonette on the corner of Church St. and Franklin Ave. (Italian Hot Dogs)

...The White Castle (corner of Washington Ave. and Park Ave.)

...Air raid drills in elementary school.  

...Tony the Ice Cream man on his three wheel motor cycle.

...Sneaking into Kal’s Pool (Diamond Club).

...Franklin theatre balcony.

...Holy Family CYO dances.

...Cardinal Lanes with kids doing the pin setting.

...Guys singing doo-wop in the entrance to Giovine Music Store across from the high school.

...The Kearny game every Thanksgiving.

...Nutley Colonels semi-pro baseball team.

...Belleville-Nutley Iron Dukes semi-pro football team.

...”Rockin Ronnie” on the fight card in the oval.

...My father     

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 I stumbled on this site while I was looking up information on my grandfather, Phil Intorelli.  I see from some of your entries that he is an icon in Old Nutley.  He was the owner of Phil’s Yanticaw Liquor and Deli at 358 Passaic Avenue until about 1977. 

 I grew up in Maplewood (played against Nutley in softball many times in the 80’s), but my sister and I spent our weekends with my grandparents there in the 70’s.  I remember the shade shop just a couple doors down, and playing with the neighborhood kids next door and across the street.  I will never forget cutting my foot in the pond on a broken bottle, and my uncle stitching it up on the kitchen table at my grandparents apartment above the store!  (THAT was a GREAT apartment, too….HUGE!!)  One of the greatest memories is the house that really scared us on Halloween nights with a gorilla running thru the street (I think that house was on Enclosure St.).  

 Sometime in the late 90’s, I was invited to a friend’s baby shower at the Back Street Gourmet…..formerly Phil’s Yanticaw, and it still has the same phone number!!  I told the owner who I was and had the privilege to go in back and see the basement, where his employees initials still lived on the walls.  And all the memories of my childhood came shooting back.  Especially his own branded liquor bottles and the signs he had hanging in the store…”If you don’t see it, ask Phil.  If we don’t have it, you don’t need it.”

 For all those who remember Phil…..I am proud to report that he and my grandma Helen are still alive and well and living in Coral Springs, Florida.  He will turn 90 on January 10th, God love him.  And he is STILL as feisty as he was then!!  And to the one who always stole his most expensive wine bottles from the store…… he says he knows who you are!!

 I get to see them often, as I too live in Florida… the same town (Dr. Phillips) as another Nutley alumni….author Ken Eulo.

Gina Richardson O’Sullivan


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