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Hi to all you Nutleyites.

I was referred to this site by a (dare I say old?) friend, only to realize that I had been here before a couple of years ago.

I was trying to go through the many listings so I wouldn’t duplicate old memories, when I realized that this was an impossibility.  Nutley was (is) not that big and after my last visit in 1986, it seems to have been fairly static over the years.  Sure my old Dairy Queen is gone as are some other businesses, but all-in-all, Nutley seems very much the same as it was in the 50’s & 60’s when I grew up there.

As with many sites like this, many of you have remembered the same places I did; Ciccone’s Soda Shop (Franklin Ave & Church St. when I was in Jr High), Ralph’s Pizzeria, Giovine’s Music Store, where I took clarinet lessons, Mrs. Scmidt’s Deli next to Franklin School (which I hear is no longer called that), Gary’s Pharmacy, etc., etc., etc.  But, it is not the physical location that defines our memories of it, rather it was the experiences and those with whom we shared those experiences that make the real memories.  It was Moran, Deej, The Owl, Johnny V. The Chalk brothers, the Ortiz family, the many girls & all of the others, (too many to mention) that made the memories in Nutley for me.  I remember tormenting poor Ann Troy getting her to show us the “Annie Oakley Penny” at the Nutley Museum.

Drag racing on Mac Carter Highway after stuffing ourselves on the greatest hot dogs in the world at Rutt’s Hutt.

I recognize PapaSmurf from another website.  Hi Emil!  Like him, I am also older than a lot of you who have posted.  I was not there when the ITT tower came down, but I did partake in the late-night swims in their pool, back when it was a whole lot easier to climb the fence and get in.

I was there at a time when any kid was safe to get on their bike and ride across town to a friend’s house or to Al’s (& Ann’s) corner store for comics and a “daily Special” soda.  I remember all of the kids on our street and the next costing our parents a lot of money when we retaliated against the homebuilder who tore down our fortress in the woods.  Also, milk delivered to our home 3 times a week and the Fuller Brush Man bringing my Mom all the cleaning paraphernalia she needed.  I’m not so sure there is much of that going on anymore.

I guess I have made my point, it wasn’t the places, it was the experiences and they are with me as long as my mind holds out.

The DQ Kid

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Seeing the Old Nutley site sure got the flashback machine cranking even though I can't remember breakfast today.


You guys forget about driving the old Flathead Ford down New St in second gear and letting the glasspacks "back off" between the houses and the science wing of the school? How Dean of Boys Dave Broffman promptly put a stop that because it interrupted the classes going on? All we were doing was saying Hi to friends that had classes while we were at lunch. Bruce Jones and I made a contest out of this more than a few times.

Speaking of that, how about Styretown and the driveway between the buildings when you were going to Bond's? Backing down there with the exhaust cut out open was a blast! Everyone knew who was coming just by the sound of the pipes.

I remember when Tom Peters got his job with Ed Mulligan in the old Sost garage. They had him wear a WHITE shirt to fix cars! Made no sense to me.

I lived on Union Ave and Conover, by the Belleville line, and would get up to go to school at 6 am. I'd go across the street to Jack's, grab the Star Ledger off a bundle, (He wasn't opened at that hour) put the nickel on the bundle and go back home for breakfast. Walking to school, Washington and the high school, was the preferred mode of transportation. Doug Bursch and Fred Trovatta were the other guys who hoofed it too.

Testa's Pharmacy with the soda fountain and those glass things filled with colored water hanging in the window later became White Oak Pharmacy. Freddie's Market where my brother Ken worked as a delivery boy taking groceries to neighborhood folks like Frankie Vallie's mom. The Scandia Deli and those nice Swedish people that ran it. Cheez! That was a while ago!

Thanks for the memories.

Mike Kozub

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Hello, I believe I sent you a note sometime back. This was in regards to the unsolved murder of a woman at the Hoffman LaRoche plant in Nutley. Actually the murder occurred on the Clifton side of the plant I believe. Just was wondering if this is ever talked about anymore down there and if there are any new suspects? I say this with all the attention the other unsolved murder at the Totowa Water Treatment plant. Similar circumstances, and I've read where they are comparing the two crimes...

The Hoffman LaRoche murder took place in 1968. I have an issue of Weird NJ magazine that has this story in it. If you are interested or know anything more about it, please drop me a line...

Thank you,


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In your Sports Notables from Nutley you may wish to include the following persons:

 Bennie Hawkins - NHS Class of 1961 (?) was an NFL wide receiver for, I believe, the Philadelphia Eagles.

 Don Chuy - NHS Class of 1958 or 1959 (?) was an NFL lineman (LA Rams ?) who was purported to be one of the strongest players in the NFL during his playing years. I believe he went to Clemson University.

 Submitted by Ed St. Thomas NHS - Class of 1961.

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Thank you Uncle T., as always for keeping this subject alive. smile.gif

You may want to consider adding, "You're From Old Nutley" If you remember life without this message board" laugh.gif


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DQ - The center didn't change much, but heading north it's all SHOP-RITE. Richards, Fuccolli's, the sweet shop everything is now SR.

Joe - Nobody remembers the murder except us.  How about old man Soden, another unsolved murder.  Most of the cops didn't even grow up in town.

OK Mike, so I wore a white shirt, I worked on clean cars.  Remember Eddy Kalooky's Pontiac you could start it with any GM key.  How about jumping Dave Lautenschlaegers old Ford with a nickle across the switch and moving on him.

Flat Heads forever but my chevy was faster.

Ed - Benny class of '62, with me and Mike.

Nutley Then and Now great book buy it. Oh yeah written by my wife.

Love this site, jump starts the brain!!!!!!!!

Tom Peters - '62

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Wow, NJTest, I must have hung around with you - you have all the same memories as me! 

Entered Radcliffe school the first year it was built. 

Frank's "Buy or Fly" is a definite memory. 

If you're from Radcliffe area, do you remember Sandy the horse from Blair's Nursery on Center Street - pulling the sleigh up Church Street and around that whole neighborhood? 

The big pipeline was THE place to sleigh ride, and many of us had our first kiss in the woods behind Radcliffe school. 

How about Mrs. Brown's Toy Store right next to Franklin School, got many a Ginny Doll outfit there!  

And house visits by Dr. Cherashore when you were sick.  

Getting Wise potato chips in a huge box for parties. Welsh Farms delivering milk to the house and the Fuller Brush Man giving you tiny sample lipsticks - what a treat!  "Portable" typewriters being invented - you could actually carry them around (much larger and heavier than a laptop, but we thought they were so groovy!

Buying models at Drewes when they had the store in their basement on Church Street, riding to Broad Acres Miniature Golf on bikes in the summer, when you could get a coke, a devil dog and a comic book all for 20 cents, when you'd get a pack of cigarettes for your dad for 25 cents, and could legally buy them! 

Roller skating on the sidewalks with skates that attached to your shoes and pinched your big and little toes, as a teenager riding around with 8 kids in the car without seatbelts, "Bopping the Ave" and putting 50 miles on your dad's car never leaving Nutley     

THOSE WERE THE DAYS - the memories go on and on and all make us smile. 

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Hello, I think it is wonderful what you are doing keeping old Nutley alive.

 Is there a place that has all the Nutley high year books online?

 From the forties   Etc….

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     WOW!!! just to have a site like this and have so many people respond to it in a positive way certainly says something great about a town. I grew up at 22 Terrace on the Clifton border and remember thinking to myself.......5 more houses up and I'd be from Clifton.....that would have sucked!!

     Anyway hello Ruth Miller came across your response and had to write  I lived in the corner house catty corner from the Sassos you would probably remember Frank and Kim, My sister is Michele and have a brother Victor. I was 7 years old when you moved out but I do remember you. My father still lives there and if you went back the neighborhood is still the exact same as it was when you left, just a  few new faces. Do you remember all the games of hide and seek, whiffle ball, and kick ball ?...good times. It's a shame kids today wont have memories like that. Thanks to xbox, playstation, the 800 channels on cable, text messaging, and the media. OK so some of my greatest memories of Nutley...

Walking down Franklin Ave to hang with friends in front off the middle school.

Detective Malanga not letting us stand in the same spot for more then ten minutes {move along}

The TV repair shop next to Roth's Deli.

The Shop Rite Annex.

Yanticaw School and the Late great John Walker, and the way he would jiggle the change in his pocket so you knew he was coming. Lets not forget Tornado Lafrado.

The Franklin Movie theatre and seeing the 12am show of Halloween on Halloween night. 

Sanntines Pizza.

The little Chinese Lady who owned the store on the corner of Chestnut and Franklin who sold slushies.

And speaking of Chestnut St... My good friend Jack Minneci who NEVER EVER lets me forget that I am and always will be.........a NUTLEY GUY .

Thanks for telling me about this site Jack,

your friend

John AKA Nutley Guy.

Go Raiders!!! Go Alfonse  

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     Had my supper break in the diner (corner of Franklin and Center St.) on Friday nights . It was an old beat-up place with the best apple pie around. I think the owners name was Hugo. He looked just like Popeye. I Worked until 9:00 pm at Nutley Camera. That was such a cool place!  I was in heaven working there. I learned so much. The owner, Bill Hamilton was one of the nicest guy you could ever meet. He always had a golfing joke for anyone who would listen. Dot ,Tony, Ed  they were just great people to work with.  Dot was such a pretty girl. She even let me drive her 57 Chevy  just after I got my license.

   On Saturday morning I went up Franklin Ave to a small coffee shop (forget the name) to bring back the crew their shot of caffeine . I still remember who took regular and who took no sugar. When you first walk in to the coffee shop there was a guy name "Sam" ALWAYS running around . Always flirting with  girls. His famous line was,

"Oh my word!!!  I am having a nervous breakdown!!!!!!!  Yessss, can I take your order!!!!!  He was too much.  I don't  know how he keep up the routine. He was funny!

    I am so grateful for my father getting me the job at the camera store. Memories from that time are so precious for me.

Don Nowicki

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The Italian Bakery near St. Mary's was Sparacino's.  I worked there 
when in High School.

- shipofsails

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Here are some of my memories of Nutley:

1. Hobrook Hardware Store (not sure of spelling) on High Street, near Bloomfield Ave. - as a kid, did my Christmas shopping there.

2. Spring Garden School baseball field - playing baseball there, felt like I was preparing for the Big Leagues!

3. Dr. Curt Linz, Center Street - he would do house calls in the middle of the night.

4. Shannon's Hobby Shop, Franklin Ave. - I used to collect deposits on empty soda bottles then head straight to the Hobby Shop!

5. Train station on High Street near Franklin Ave. - I remember my neighbor taking a passenger train to work pulled by a Steam Locomotive!

6. The Easter egg hunts at the Mudhole!

7. Nunzio's Music Store near where Shop Rite is now located.

8. Drew's Hobby when it was actually in his home.

9. The Brewery near Nichols Park.

10. Mr. McCullum, the crossing guard at the corner of Bloomfield Ave. and Spring Garden Ave. - He was a World War 1 Veteran.

John Ryan

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