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This is Bob Drewes - class of 66 - my mom and dad owned Drewes Recreation Supply across from the high school - referred to by many as Drew's Hobby shop - I have many pictures of the store, and all the newspaper articles on how the store came into being from my dad having cancer and many other very fond memories of Nutley. 

I remember especially all the good times at my parents stores and playing on the model motoring track with all the kids that came in and helping people find games, models and many other items that we sold.  The model car contests that dad held for the kids and u-control gas powered airplanes flown by the Nutley Flying Aces and competing in the AMA meets in Union Town.  Rut's Hut was always unique,  walking the railroad tracks to go bowling in Styretowne town at brunswick lanes, Gantner's Hardware, riding my bike to kucinski's bakery to buy fresh rolls, the A&P, Shop Rite (still have some boxes with their name on them from my mom after she passed away) and Union grocery store, blue mail boxes on the corners of main intersections and fire alarm boxes on street poles.  I remember the police officers walking their beats along Franklin Avenue, still have saving banks from Nutley Bank.  I remember how we use to play on the streets and everyone knew each other for blocks around and how all the neighbors looked out for the children and treated them as their own kids (that is something you do not hear of today) - seems like those days are lost forever but the memories are still alive.

Anthony - your name sounds very familiar - did you come into the store? Thanks for what you have done.  I have lived in Missouri ever since graduating from University of Missouri in 1970.  My wife and I have our own business - which is commercial printing - catalogs, magazines, books (soft and case bound) - you may have seen some of our work - we produced all Disney's flip books in early 90's,  Birds of North American,  Websters 1828 dictionary and much more.  Have not been back to Nutley since mom died and we had to sell the store. 

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I've been doing some research on my family history recently. One 
of the most interesting stories I've been looking at is the story of 
Uncle Henry Guerand. My father was named Henry for his uncle but goes 
by his middle name because Uncle Henry's widow would burst into tears 
when she heard the name. My father has told me stories of visiting 
Uncle George (Henry's brother) in Florida and has a picture of Henry 
in his race car. I've read your stories of Nutley and the references 
to the old velodrome where Uncle Henry died. I was just looking for 
any other information or pictures that might be available. Thank you 
for your time.

Steve Barry

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I used to sell candy at the Velodrome. Some of the bike riders were Torchy Peden, Willie Honeman (he was the national sprint champion), Norman Hill, Louie Watson, Freddie Spencer (he was from Nutley). Some of the riders who raced behind the motorcycles were Gene Antonucci (he rode the motorcycle and was considered one of the best) the bicycleriders were Alfred Letourner (France), Franco Georgetti (Italy), Franz Duelberg (Germany), Gerard Debates (Germany) Tino Reboli (Newark). I used to sell soda or chocalate bars for 10 cents and get a penny on each sale. I used to go home with about 25 eents and give it to my mother. This was in the 30''s. I also saw Tony Galento knock out Al Ettore. He knocked him right over the ropes. Joe Louis was a ringside spectator at the fight. They were to sight after that. Joe knocked TKO'd Galento. I think this was about 1936. There used to be a garbage dump across the street from Washington School. It was there when I went to that school. Then they filled it in. I used to caddy at the Yountakah Country Club. That's where the ITT complex used to be. The ophanage goes back to 1930's. I went to school with some of the boy's from there (Washington). They used to start at Washington at about the 3rd or 4th grade. I knew Anthony Coiro, Amerigo Bonazzi, Sam De Angelis. The former Nutley High football players formed a team. I think they called themselves the Nutley Varsiity. They used to play football on the field next to the Orphanage. As far as the bakery on Center Street in the 30's it was called Clar's Bakery. Their son went to Sunday School with mr and was also in my class at Washington School. His name was Theodore. Unfortunately he drowned in the Passaic River attempting to cross the river from Lyndhurst back into Nutley. It was frozen but he fell through the ice. His companion someone named Rich Redmond was able to keep afloat until help arrived and was saved. I remember the trolleys. I remember the addition to the Library. The WPA (Works Project Administration) created by President Roosevelt during the depression to create jobs. They put an addition to the Nutley Library while I was going to Junior High. I remember the greatest football team Nutley ever had (1939) backfield of Frank Cardinale, Motz Buel, Jim Orsini and Walt Butchko. Frank Sperduto (Center) Joe Cullari, Stager, Smeaton, Carl Hagelin, Frank Rusignuolo, unbeaten but tied by East Orange. Coach George Stanford.

1942 graduate

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I actually grew up in Belleville but was married in Nutley by Father Thomas Horgan 16 yrs ago.  I visited the church today and to my surprise he is still somewhere in the are but they did not know where for sure.  If anyone knows which parish I can find him out I would love to visit him.  Your site is great, I enjoyed viewing it.

Thank you


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HI Anthony,

Just looking at the old nutley site. Someone mentioned a grocery store on park ave but forgot the name. It was J&S Jimmy Iannaci and Sam Brulato. The candy store next to it was indeed Danny's. Proprietor Dan Fogleman, boy did we ever give that poor guy a hard time.

Everyone mentions Cardinal lanes but no one seems to remember Bigelow's on Hamilton Pl.  There were 12 lanes, 6 upstairs and 6 down. I used to set pins there for 12 cents a game. We would work 2 lanes for 3 hours and make $3.60 which we immediately spent on candy and soda and bowling ourselves. The ground floor lanes had semi-automatic pinsetters but upstairs is was...step on the pedal and place the pins on the spikes which rose up out of the lane. That's all I can think of that I haven't seen on the site. Oh, wait.

Does anyone remember trying to get onto the island behind the high school down in "girl's park"? Every time we tried to get onto the island, this lady in an institutional blue dress with equally blue hair, chased us and said she would call the cops. I think she was the attendant of the bathrooms in that building in "girl's park". Anyhow, we probably would have contracted some kind of jungle disease and been bitten by rats if we ever did get to the island. It is now gone being replaced by "rocks in cages" which keeps the river from meandering. Too sad! - (APRIL 2009)

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Oh how well do I remember.  I went to NSH and graduated 1976.  Things that I remember:

Dairy Queen after school

JR (?) across from DQ

The park behind the HS

The Fabulous Baptist Church on 13-15 Harrison Street pastor by The Rev. Lawrence Roberts, who deceased 8/2008 in Stone Mountain, Ga, I do remember how crowded that church use to be every Sunday and the people dressed so nice.  That church had many famous people who attended.  Matter of fact the minister put Nutley on the Map.

Dr. Agressti - the best doctor anyone could have

Duck's on Bloomfield Ave.

Jeanette Shop

Patricia Travel the best travel agency

Nutley Florist - very kind owners

Hoffman LaRoche

The Park by Hoffman

Nutley have the best Pizza

Nutley Library by the HS

Senior Court Yard at the HS

What GREAT MEMORIES!  (June 2009)

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Jim S worked with that lady. It was his ice pick if I remember was found near the body. He was a weird guy. I didn't know him well except that right after the murder he began drinking and he eventually drank himself into oblivion.. My guess is that he did it and then couldn't deal with  it. He was also religious if I remember which meant his conscience destroyed him. Just an opinion and no proof to support this.

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I don't live there anymore, but the memories are alive.  Ice skating at the park, Yantacaw School, Gantners Hardware, Food Fair, Sleigh riding down Hillside Avenue.  The memories go on....

Mary Ann

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The bakery on Centre Street was Hoffman's.  Quality Bakery was at 218  Franklin Ave (where TCBY is located).  The ice cream parlor at High and Franklin was Morris'.  What about Soden's Candy Store on Passaic Avenue, home of the nickel Coke.  Warren Soden's murder was never solved.

I would be interested in the Nutley Tigers photo - Was it sent to the  Nutley Museum?  I'd love to see the players identified by name.  My  uncle, Dewitt Gilbert, played on the Tigers and I still have a little  Tigers medal which my mother cherished.

You've added lots of good Nutley memories since I last looked at your website. 

Good work, Kathy

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Jane Stuart, award winning jazz recording artist. Resident of Nutley since 1986.Please visit my website and find out more.

Would love to perform, with my trio, as part of the Jazz Series right here in my hometown.

Thank you. Jane Stuart

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I want to answer Lanie's message regarding Igor who was tied to the
big tree-I am Donna Luzzi, NH-1966.
My grandfather James was the owner, but my father Russell came up
with the idea for the kids. I have pics of different kids
photographed with Igor. He was a big hit back in those days-people
came from far and wide to see the scary monster.
Perhaps I could submit a photo
Donna Luzzi
Va. Bch., Va. (Nov. 1, 2009)

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Getting a foot long dog French fries and a soda for lunch at the Poultry/Chicken market for like a buck. – Doc G.

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I used to push Shopping Carts @ Stop and Shop on Main Avenue next to the Bradlees on Passaic Avenue in 1974.  I was with my

friends Bill Catena, Jerry Haven, Rich Powell, Ralph Comet and a few others @ Yantacaw School when we heard the plant blow up.  We raced down to Kingsland Ave and the place was blocked off and on fire.  It was a big boom you could hear it for a mile.  Still remember the smell.  EPA today would have closed the town as a super fund site.

Also remember the 1974 Nutley Westfield game where we tied Westfield 0-0 in the
Oval.  Westfield had a 48 game winning streak and we had a touchdown called back in the 4th quarter on a penalty.

Gas was like .28 a gallon and you could fill your tank in the 1964 Impala for like $6.

Remember going to Roth's Deli and someone throwing an M80 into the tunnel that the Third River ran under Elm Place.  The gases blew the man hole cover into Elm Place right in front of Martha Stewart's old house.  Remember when Kevin Emdee ran for Mayor?

Haven't lived in Nutley for 35 years and miss warm Vitiello's bread on Sunday

Memories of my growing up

Jim Callahan

class of 1974

grew up 30 Elm Place

now in Long Valley, NJ

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I am glad that I came across your site.  Some people had the same memories that I have and it refutes other people claiming I was hallucinating... lol  Especially the rag man or junk man with the horse drawn carriage.

My memories ...

1. Fr. Golding's missing finger and Mike H asking how he picked his nose?

2. Al S and Kenny R throwing Ed F out the window in Sr. Anastasia's class.  Ed got in trouble, but not Al or Kenny

3. Crazy hat day

4. Giving the CCD kids the answers to the questions at confirmation.

5. Annie Oakley Day... I keep saying there was a parade and event at the Oval... yet everyone says I am imagining it.  (PLEASE verify this)

6. Us kids over on the Belleville side always thought the kids on the Clifton side were wierd.

7. Slay riding under the high tension wires near the Vocaturo Excavation.  (we also played baseball there.  It was much bigger when I was 7

8.  The day McDonalds opened up and we got coupons for hamburgers, cheeseburgers and fries.  I think it was like 5c, 7c and 3c.

9  The town being worried when the Karate School opened next the Nutley Bake Shoppe.  I remember a parent saying something like "those kids will be karate chopping everything."  (we didn't)

10.  Walking to Styer Town

11.  the Mudhole and Third River flooding

12.  Sr. Joseph.  My mother seen her when she went to visit an aged aunt who is a nun.  Mom says she looks the same but is losing her sight.  She was so nice.

13.  Sr. Gertrude keeping the boys after school.. then making us tell her what happened the night before on Star Trek.

14.  There as a boy that came to St. Mary's from Australia.  He showed up with a back pack.  I can't remember his name.

15.  Science fairs at St. Mary's

16.  Dunkin Donuts opening on Washington Ave and Park.  Sneaking out of "recess" and going to score some donuts.

17.  Staying after school because we got caught scoring donuts when we were suppose to be at recess.

18.  When our Scout Leader, Mr. Esparolini (Troop 151) died.

19.  Trying to sneak in the tunnel under the Kingsland house... (we never did get in)

20.  Wild West City trip with Nutley rec.

21.  The Sons of Italy Orphanage.

22.  Me and Al S (he was Cuban) and some of the Italian kids at St. Mary's thought it would be funny to wear Orange Shamrocks on St Patricks day.

23.  Sr. Anasstasia did not think it was funny for us to wear Orange on St. Patrick's day.  She told us about the "troubles" and I felt really bad.   I felt worst when I found out she called my Irish mother.

24.  Not being allowed to wear red ties because it was communist.
25.  Mr. Walker at Flora Louden Park

26.  Patrol boys

27.  Walter, the hunchback custodian at St. Mary's.

28.  6am mass at St. Mary's with the Priest with the accent.  I think he said he was from Litchenstein.

29.  Trying to memorize Latin to be altar boys... thanking God we just had to read it... Really thanking God when they went to English Masses so we didn't have to read Latin.

30.  Sneaking a sip of Sacrasty Wine

31.  Holy Family boys wearing purple capes for their communion

32.. St. Mary boys wearing all white communion suits.

33.  The first St. Patrick's Day Parade in Nutley

34.  The Nutley Fire Department put a demonstration on for St. Mary's school... I was picked to go up the hook and laddar truck

35.  Holy Family Summer Vacation School.

36.  Jack's Candy Store on Conover and Union that later became Jerry Angelo's.  There was another one on Conover and Yale, but it was vacant by the time we moved there.  There was also another one on King half way down the hill.  And I think the other one was named Jim's on Centre St, next to Tozzi's.

37.  The Taurus Gang

38.  There were only two religions in Nutley.. Catholic (we went to Catholic School) and Publics (they went to Public School)

39.  Hot bread from Vitiello's Bakery.

40.  Skandia deli and the best Potato Salad in the world.  The owners were Norman and Mary Deliman.  (yes, that is their real name)

41.  The NuBell Tavern on Union, near King St.  That was actually a polling place for elections.

42.  The Euycalpsyian Garden "hippy" Shop.  There was another one on Franklin Ave down near Chestnut St.

43.  Getting excited when ever we heard someone on a radio call in contest from Nutley.. or on a game show on TV from Nutley

44.  Memorium Day... (I don't remember the real name)  When the Sky Writers made a big peace sign over NYC and the worlds Memorium under neath it.  We watched it from the parking lot of St. Mary's during "recess"

45.  When Up with People came to Nutley

46.  Hippies versus Greasers.  (including button down leather jackets, Italian knit shirts with matching trousers, pointed toed shoes)

47.  Defiance Savings and Loan

48.  Political rallies at the Leo's house on Chestnut St. (we met the future Gov. Cahill there)

49. The Nixon HQ next door to the McGovern HQ and the rivalry between us

50   When Nutley was in a book called the "48 Safest Towns in the US"  (wonder where we would place now?)

51.  THOUSANDS (ok, it was more like hundreds) of kids walking to and from school.  None of us got a ride from our parents except maybe if it was pouring.  We never got a ride home.

52.  Tearing down the goal post after the last home game of the season, (if we won)

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I would just like to know in 25 words or less why did Annie Oakley move to Nutley, NJ and how long did she live there?

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Nutley has two real World War II heroes.  Victor Connell and Edward Jenkins served our country as Tuskegee Airmen. 

I  am proud to say they are my relatives.  Victor Connell was my second cousin. Edward Jenkins (Ned) was my uncle and godfather.  I guess I got the "flying bug" from them. 

My family in general had another contribution to the history of our old town.  My grandfather and grandmother built their home in Nutley back in 1910.  They were the first black family and black land owners in Nutley.  My grandmother's sister and her family, the Connells settled in Nutley soon thereafter. 


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WOW!! What a find...spring garden teachers..6th grad Mrs. Lawrence..taught me the love of reading..god bless her..beautiful operatic singer in my class millecent rose..I'll never forget her.walking home from high school along the tracks to avoid High St. hill...running like hell when it started getting skating at Nichols park...the best..missing 2 great friends..lost in Viet Nam..

TY for this web site...

Always from Nutley..L.S.

PS Mike Halpin and Matt Dwyer were both killed in Nam  68 & 69..they were the best iceskating buddies..we were a small tight group back in the early 60's, I was fortunate enough to have older brothers to tag along with, their friends were my friends..T.Y., L.S. 

PS if you know Gary Marino he is my cousin..haven't seen him since his Mom passed...

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What about SPORTSMAN 300 which was later named Cardinal Lanes and Bigelows on Hamilton place. As yoou can see I was an avid bowler.

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My name is Bob (Bobby) LePree.

 I was literally born in Nutley in a house on Crestwood Ave, near Lincoln school. I was delivered by an old Italian mid-wife. She delivered many of the nine children in my family. I spent kindergarten at Lincoln with a fun teacher named Miss Nichols. We moved to 10 Chestnut Place when I was 6. I attended St Mary’s School and had an amazing teacher named Sister Marguerite whom I loved and who taught me to read. Not just read, I could read at a 5th or 6th grade level. I don’t know how she did it . I owe SO much to her. I got into a lot of trouble while attending St Marys which involved a large theft and use of cigarettes stolen from Heberlings pharmacy on Passaic Ave. We were hauled into the police station where everyone knew my Dad. He was so humiliated he slammed me one in the mouth. My Mom got pissed at the priest at St Marys (I can’t remember his name)because he took me and my gang in the boys room and made us smoke Italian ropes (stogies) until we puked. My mother yanked me out  of St Marys and put me in Yantacaw Elementary where I always wanted to go anyway. Oh life was so good!! What great memories. Could there be a better town to grow up in? I don’t think so.

Bob (Bobby)

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Hey Anthony, love the site!  Although raised in North Bergen, my father owned and operated White Oak Barber Shop, on Union Ave. in Nutley.  My father, Giulio Salvatore, had the business for 35 years.  I remember spending many Saturday mornings as a kid sweeping the floors, emptying ashtrays ( when you can still smoke in a barber shop) and getting my father’s customers coffee and cigarettes 2 doors down at the sandwich shop on the corner of Union and Conover Street.  I can’t remember the name but was run by a guy named Jerry.  Sadly, my father has passed away and the barber shop is gone.  But I can never forget those days in Nutley as a kid. 

 If you know of anyone who remembers my dad, have them drop me a line anytime.

 God Bless.

 Giulio Salvatore Jr.  -

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Hi Anthony, Keep up the great work!   I grew up in Nutley, attended Lincoln Elementary and graduated Nutley High 1973.   Cheers, Piano Man Larry 

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I  lived in Belleville but went to St Mary's Church and CYO dances in
Nutley (1966-1967). (I think they were held in a basement hall??)

Anyone remember the Pizzeria that was close by that we would go to after
CYO dances?

Please share your memories!

Jim Cargilo

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Hi everyone

Growing up on Lakeside Drive, where our back yard went down into Kingsland Park was like living in paradise! We were always there! The playground, the sleigh riding HILL, the waterfalls, the United Nations garden and the Kingsland manor. Every year there were corporate picnics, music shows (Up with People) bbq's, First Aid Squad and Fireman's picnics, and anyone remember the bicentennial encampment and the wagon train in 1976?

Anyone remember the summer Recreation Program down there, where we would spend all day till noon--go home for lunch, then re-sume all games and crafts again at 1:00 till they shut down at 4:00?  Playing Karems, shuffleball on a table top, making lanyards and painting popsicle sticks? We went on trips to places like Wild West City and Bertrim's Island, Space Farms and the Land of Make Believe.  Eating all the watermelon we could eat on "Watermelon days" and playing never-ending softball games. Our mom's never had to worry where we were, and we didn't hang around the house all day. If we weren't at the rec program, we were fishing in the brook!

We were Yantacaw School Alumns. My favorite teacher of all time was Miss Weyer for first grade.  Remember Mr. Stivala, Mrs. Evelle, Mr. Lofrado, Miss Carpenter and Miss Anello (hmmm we always wondered about them). Mr O'Rourke was our principle till his very untimely death during the school year. He was the first funeral most of us attended-- Tommy his son was in my class and he was the first person I knew who had lost his dad. That was our wake up call as kids.

Remember going to Franklin School on Wednesdays to roller skate in the gym? We felt all grown up!

Remember Moore's drug store on the corner of Passaic and Kingsland?? We would go there and get REAL sodas--syrup and seltzer! Soden's was two doors down and we would get candy for a nickle. Oh and Pink Spalding balls were 20 cents! We would take them to Yantacaw School playground and bounce them off the side of the brick wall, till they went up on the roof and Mr S the janitor would once every couple of months go up there and start throwing them down onto the girls playground while we were down there playing before lining up. Sometimes I thought he got kicks from watching us scramble to pick up the balls and frisbees!

I went to Lillian Daniel's Dancing School -Oh I loved the end of dance class when she had us standing at the mirror, our backs to her, eyes closed and our hands behind our back. She would put a lollipop in the hands of those who did their best during the class--we all got lollipops--but nobody wanted to take that chance.

Franklin School during the years of Mr Gilligan was something that will never be forgotten!!!! He ran a tight ship!

Then came High School!! Nutley High class of 1975! For me it was Choralettes, Mr. K, and the Band! Room 100 became my home base, and those of my friends.  I am hoping more former Choralettes post on here!

Any Rainbow Girls out there too? Looking for Nutley Assembly #54 members!

Nutley is still home--even though I have been living away since 1987. Mom and Dad are still on Lakeside Drive, and Kingsland park is still a hub of activity!

Best wishes,

Linda (Brouillard) Walsh

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Does anyone remember this:

 On Bloomfield Avenue, on the left hand side (traveling towards the cemetery), where the little league field and the playground are now located, there used to be housing there and the Belleville Police firing range.  The housing (where I lived when I was little) was called “the barracks”   It was low cost housing that actually looked like military barracks and was built so the returning WWII vets would be able to afford a place to live.  

Does anyone remember when Nutley still had wooded areas?  I mean with REAL trees?  Remember “the woods”  that used to be up on Margaret Avenue before the track and tennis courts were put in?


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Hanging at the Raiders after school   Lardier's drug store.  Kucinski's rolls, best in town.   How about Schumaker's deli on Essex St. and Franklin Avenue.   Nicky the barber across from the h.s.   Cardinal lanes bowling alley or Dickerson's lowers on Center St.  Sneaking into the swim club on Evergreen Ave. after hours.

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It was a thrill for me as a boy going with my father to Gene's Market as we called it, even though it hadn't been a market for years and getting out Christmas tree.
Best Regards,
Lou Collini

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My dad grew up in Nutley. My Aunt was the girl that you had written about in issue #6 that was murdered in Hoffman LaRoche in 1968, Joan Freeman. I drive by there every day. Can never stop tying to figure it out. It is a subject that has never been forgotten in our family. My grandmother just recently passed away. My father had promised his father in 1980, when he was dying, that he would not look into it further until she passed. It was just too hard on them.

Just thinking maybe now, so many years later, if it was talked about more, someone may have something more to say, but please do not publish this email, for safety purposes. I am sure you understand.

I thought it was so odd that someone had brought it up in your site e few years back.

Someone had also called a classmate of hers and said he was her husband and wanted to attend their class reunion. (she was not married)

My grandmother also recieved a collect call from a prison some years ago, but she denied the call.

Three main people of interest, ...her ex fiance, her boss, and an ex employee that been on the property without authorization, using the library.

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what was the name of the soda fountain/ ice cream store that eventually became "Jim Dandy's".



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Jackie's Italian Ices

Does anybody remember Jackies Italian Ices that was on Union Ave in Belleville?  I was deeply grieved when Jackie's closed up because NOBODY made better Italian Ices. My dad used to take me there when I was a kid and I took my sons there as well. Over the years I've had some ices that came pretty close but none that ever equalled Jackies. His were the best!

A Nutley Geezer

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Well, I'll be ........  Don't know why I never looked for a Nutley site before, but I'm glad I dropped by this afternoon.

All of my memories are quite different than all but one of the others posted.  I first lived on Lake St. back in the 1930s.  I can hardly believe that it was that long ago, i.e., that I'm that old!  Eventually we lived on Raymond Ave. near Prospect.

I remember the corner at High and Bloomfield Ave well: Dick Hendrick's Meat Shop, Mr. Flannagan's groceries and that poor little shop next to Mr. Flannagan's that never had anyone in it for very long.  At one point, it was a candy shop; their fudge was the best — excellent chocolate flavor and very smooth.

Catty corner from those stores was the Jentiss's (sp?) Deli with the best Kaiser Rolls, the ice cream-candy-comic book store-newspaper store (can't remember the owner's name) was where I used to buy the peppermint 'cigarettes', wax coke bottles and bubble gum with trading cards.  Next down High Street was a barber shop that in the late 40s had a barber who had worked as a stylist in a very exclusive NYC department store.  I don't know who talked him into it, but my mother, sister and I had our hair cut by him for years.

On the other side of the High Street was Kessler's Drug Store.  That was where all of our cough syrup, ACE bandages etc. were purchased and the pictures my Brownie camera captured were developed and printed (well, maybe they were sent out, but that is where we dropped off the film).  My best memories of Kessler's though were from the soda fountain.  On Sundays, if all was well, my Uncle and Dad would go there to get a hand-packed quart of Breyer's Ice Cream (I felt lucky when they'd also bring home Ginger-ale so we could make our own sodas.) while at other times we'd just get a cone, maybe a double dip, or have a sundae.  My that marble counter was cold.  Eventually, there was a gentleman, John, who worked for Mr. Kessler; for one reason or another John ended up down at Gary's Drug Store on the corner of Chestnut and Franklin Ave where he ran the ice cream counter.

Down Bloomfield Ave., toward Hoffman-LaRoche on the same side of the street as Dick's, was a little barber shop.  I can remember the barber sitting out front and whittling away.  He would later display his creations in his window; the one that always got me was the chain of open-work boxes with little carved balls inside of them.  Amazing.

The number 28 bus line served Bloomfield Ave. to get us to Newark for shopping at Kresge's, Macy's etc. while there was also a bus that could get us into Times Square, NYC in about 45 minutes.  Oh that ride through Secaucus!

I ice skated on Nichol's Pond, played ball on the baseball diamond in Nichol's Park then watched the Hoffman-LaRoche ball teams play in the early summer evenings.  Loved the Burnt Almond Ice Cream pops from the Good Humor truck that would come by.  Spent hours playing mummbly-peg in the grass near the horse-shoe pits, or just laying in the sweet, soft grass over near the bridge across the brook while listening to it gurggle over the stones.  Can't count the number of times I went home with wet shoes from trying to cross the brook on stepping stones.

Memories from High School with Principal Ehud Priestly, Miss Ciconne, etc. will have to wait for another day.

Pete (aka ???)

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Born in Nutley (actually Newark) on the corner of Grant & Walnut. Big 13 room Victorian. Moved out of Nutley to Clifton, but right on the Nutley border on Paterson Ave, which was partly in Nutley. Still have MANY relatives living there.

I share a lot of memories with the people contributing on this site...HOWEVER, I did not see a couple entries I hoped to find. Near the corner of Kingsland and Franklin Ave, just west of there was a place that made box lunches that you could get very cheaply. Next to that was a series of brick buildings that had a barber shop and a confectionary called "George's". Anyone remember those places? Down the other direction of Kingsland on the next major corner (Passaic Ave), was Moore's Drug store and a few doors from that was Soden's. I remember getting models, comic books, etc at Soden's along with Vanilla-Coke sodas for 10 cents. Doc Moore's were about 2 cents more (wow! I just made a joke...somewhat).

I loved Nutley, and have a ton of great memories growing up in the area. The best were, Saturday afternoon matinees at the Franklin Theater, which my friends and I made the pilgrimage every Saturday. Also, there were two toy stores within a hundred feet or so in downtown Nutley. The first became the Nutley Camera shop (?), and the other was catty corner where a men's clothing store is now, and the owner was Eddy, who originally worked at the other place.

Great site.......eternal thanks......Allen Cleirbaut

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My name is Bob (Bobby) LePree.

 I was literally born in Nutley in a house on Crestwood Ave, near Lincoln school. I was delivered by an old Italian mid-wife. She delivered many of the nine children in my family. I spent kindergarten at Lincoln with a fun teacher named Miss Nichols. We moved to 10 Chestnut Place when I was 6. I attended St Mary’s School and had an amazing teacher named Sister Marguerite whom I loved and who taught me to read. Not just read, I could read at a 5th or 6th grade level. I don’t know how she did it . I owe SO much to her. I got into a lot of trouble while attending St Marys which involved a large theft and use of cigarettes stolen from Heberlings pharmacy on Passaic Ave. We were hauled into the police station where everyone knew my Dad. He was so humiliated he slammed me one in the mouth. My Mom got pissed at the priest at St Marys (I can’t remember his name)because he took me and my gang in the boys room and made us smoke Italian ropes (stogies) until we puked. My mother yanked me out  of St Marys and put me in Yantacaw Elementary where I always wanted to go anyway. Oh life was so good!! What great memories. Could there be a better town to grow up in? I don’t think so.

Bob (Bobby)

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Hello.  I was interested in your site, and appreciate all the history.  Would you happen to know (maybe have a photo) of the Bouvier estate?  You, no doubt, have had inquiries in the past.  Edith Ewing Bouvier mentioned her childhood home, which included horses, and one of the first automobiles in NJ.  Thank you, Kent Kzeski

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I grew up in Nutley on Mt Vernon St and graduated in 65 from Nutley HS. Left the area in the early 1970's and never really looked back unitl I saw this website. Man, all those people and places come back like it was yesterday. TP

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Hello My name is Russell Luzzi, I am eighty five years old.  I used to own the  "Chatterbox" on the corner of Washington Ave. & Grant Ave. The building was built in 1890, and was called the Gorman Hotel.

Over the years some of the guests included Annie Oakley & Mark Twain. It pleases me to see someone remember "Igor" the monster, that along with my brother Jimmie and son Glen, built a voice  box that

scared the kids as they walked by.  The bar was in the family from 1939 until 1968.


Russell Luzzi

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Peter, Johnny, and Al Migliorelli owned the Getty Station on Center Street next to Tozzi Cleaners.

Cavallo’s Meat Market was where we’d get what we needed for summer grilling.

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